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Orion Rail & Training Services are part of the world's leading engineering and technical personnel provider, the Orion Group.

Orion Rail & Training Services has operational offices in London, Birmingham, Wigan, Bristol and Glasgow. This is supported by Orion Group offices in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Belfast and Newcastle.

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Orion Rail & Training Services understand the difference between ‘trained’ and ‘competent’. That is why we provide full competency assessment services. Some of the training courses we provide are complex, and require demonstration of competence before certification and as part of on-going competence assurance.

Not only do we strive to ensure our labour is assessed in the workplace to assure you of competent, safe and efficient labour support across all projects, but we also want you to have the confidence to deliver safely.

Please contact us directly with your specific assessment requirements where we can build a tailored, efficient assessment programme for you.